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Requests to Conduct Research
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Requests for Conducting Research

The Omaha Public Schools’ Research Review Committee is responsible for reviewing research proposals, maintaining research records, and disseminating research findings to district personnel. Individuals, institutions, or organizations interested in conducting research in the Omaha Public Schools must read the Guidelines for Conducting Research and submit their request via the online form (see tab to the right for the form). There is also a document with tips for conducting research in Omaha Public Schools.

OPS only grants research approvals for a maximum of one academic year.  All research study approvals expire at the end of the fiscal year (i.e.,  July 31).  Research studies that request more than one year or require data collection after the start of the new fiscal year will need to submit a Request to Conduct Research form for approval each year.

The Research Review Committee meets each month to review submissions. All submissions must be received one week prior to the meeting.

 Submissions received after this deadline will be reviewed in the next cycle. Please note that only complete submissions will be reviewed. Click here for a calendar of meetings and submission deadlines.

Consent Forms

All prospective participants must be given adequate information that allows them to make informed decisions regarding participation in a proposed research project. Therefore, a proposed consent form or notification letter must be attached to the research proposal. A complete list of the components required in all consent documents can be found in the Guidelines for Conducting Research.

Conducting Research - Form Instructions

To conduct research in the Omaha Public Schools, we ask that you answer each of the questions on the form below. Please answer all questions fully to improve the accuracy of your request and time needed to provide the information. Allow at least 2 weeks for processing after the committee meeting, since your request will be added to other requests and prioritized based on district requirements. Please read the “Guidelines for Conducting Research in OPS” before completing this form.


Please be aware that if your research will require requesting data from OPS, you will also need to submit a data request once your research is approved by the Research Review Committee.

 *For dissertation studies, a letter indicating support of the proposed research project including the proposed research, methodology, and analyses from the University's committee chair on University letterhead must accompany the Request to Conduct Research.

**For action research, a letter indicating support of the project from an advisor must accompany the Request to Conduct Research.