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Workers' Compensation and Insurance

Workers’ Compensation

The Omaha Public Schools are self-insured for workers’ compensation and have been approved by the NE Workers’ Compensation Court to utilize Certified Managed Care for workers’ compensation medical treatment. If an employee needs treatment for a work-related injury they should contact Ohara Managed Care before seeking non-emergency medical treatment (1-888-354-1015, option # 1). It is important that employees treat with an in-network provider. Omaha Public Schools will not pay for unauthorized medical treatment or medical expenses incurred outside the managed care plan unless your doctor agrees to the managed care plan guidelines or the treatment is an emergency or life-threatening.



Employee Instructions Regarding OPS Workers Compensation.pdf

Verification Of Medical Appointment Form


Helpful Links:

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court

Rights & Obligations Under The Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Law

Choice Of Doctor – Form 50


Spanish Versions (Version En Español):

Derechos y Obligaciones Bajo la Ley De Compensatión Para Trabajadores de Nebraska


Forma de Seleccion o Cambio de Doctor Por el Empleado – Forma 50

Insurance Management

Insurance management oversees the District's business insurance which includes, property, casualty, general liability, crime, cyber, and fiduciary policies. If you need to request a Certificate of Insurance, please contact our main line at 531-299-0308.



District Property Claim Form

Employee Personal Property Claim Form

Student/Visitor Accident Form


All questions about employee health insurance or long-term disability should be directed to Compensation & Benefits (531-299-0224).