Substitute Desk Information

Substitute Information

Sub interview - After submitting all required information to Human Resources including transcripts and credential file (or reference letters) your file will be reviewed. This applies to full-time positions and substitute teaching positions. A decision will be made regarding your interview and if an invitation is to extended, we will call you. After your interview, you will be referred to the Substitute Desk. Additional paperwork will need to be completed prior to becoming a substitute for Omaha Public Schools. All hiring is done through the Human Resources office.

Local Sub Information - The Nebraska Department of Education offers a teaching certificate entitled "Local Substitute Teaching Certificate".

Omaha Public Schools does not hire individuals with this type of classification. Nor would OPS be a school district that would request this type of certificate to be issued to an individual.


Contact Information -  or call the SubDesk direct at (531) 299-0309



Frontline Absence Management Substitute System Login

For training, please login to Frontline and access the Learning Center through the help icon.

Substitute FAQ

How do I contact the OPS Sub Desk?

For a prompt response to any questions regarding Substitutes, please send an email to or call 531-299-0309.

Sub Desk is personally monitored 6:30 am to 5:00 pm  Monday thru Friday (except holidays that fall within the week)


What is the Certified Teacher Substitute daily rate of pay?
$150.00 per day, $160.00 for long terms  (10 consecutive days or longer in one position)

 (increase in pay reflective of extended teaching day)


What is the Paraprofessional Substitute rate of pay?

Para subs are paid $14.44/hour - there is no long term pay associated with this type of coverage.


When are Substitutes paid?
Substitutes are paid on the 15th of the month for the previous month only. If you have questions or concerns about your paycheck, please email or call the SubDe sk at 531-299-0309. Contact the Sub Desk to verify time reported or payroll issues.  Sub Desk staff will provide any adjustments to the payroll office.


Substitutes work snow days or non-student days?
Possibly, but only if substituting in a long term role, AND specifically requested by the principal. In these situations, please verify with the Sub Desk so you can be paid accordingly.


What is a "Vacancy"?
There are two types of vacancies:  1) A certified teacher vacancy job is when the absence entered is not for any specific teacher.  All supplemental assignments for a certified teacher job is paid at the daily rate of $150.00 unless it extends past 10 consecutive days then its $160.00/day.  2) Paraprofessional vacancy job is when there is a para position that does not have a specific para assigned but coverage is needed - these para jobs are paid by the hour at $14.44 per/hr 


Frontline will not accept my pin number!

First verify you are entering correct information.

Reminder: Your pin is a four digit number that was assigned to you; however you have the ability to change this. Please go to the login page for Frontline and click on the tab that says “forgot my pin”. Frontline will send your password your OPS email address your user name is your phone number on file.


All Substitute communication is through your OPS email/Office 365

If you do not know how to access your email address please contact our help desk at (402) 557-4466


If a job is cancelled, will Frontline call and tell me?
Yes, the system will also send an email to your OPS email address in Office 365, and an alert to your Frontline account.


I have been retained in a building but Frontline keeps calling me, why?
This happens because the school has not entered you into Frontline yet. The school will need to do this in order for you to be processed for Payroll. Please alert the school when you return.


How does a teacher request me?
Frontline does not feature the request a sub option; however it does have the preferred sub option. Please see the training video in order to learn how to use this option.


How often can I work? I want to work as much as possible.
Frontline allows you to call in and review the jobs available, you can accept as many as you want. Once you accept a job on a specific day do not call and cancel that job to take another. It is now policy that if you cancel a job Frontline will block you from picking up another on that same day.


Is there a minimum days that I have to sub to remain on the active list?

To remain an active substitute teacher you MUST work 5 days per semester.


I need to cancel a job--when can I do that?
You can cancel a job anytime up to 12 hours prior to the start of the job (up to 24 hours in advance to cancel out of a multi-day assignment because these are harder to fill). If it is closer to start time, you will be instructed to call the Sub Desk. Be courteous and call the school letting them know you have cancelled AND call the Sub Desk.


Please keep in mind if you are unable to sub, the sooner we know the better.

Please call the sub desk at 531-299-0309, and leave a message (these features are available to you 24 hours a day/7 days a week)


Frontline has called me and school has already started, I will be late arriving. Should I call the school?
Frontline automatically calls on "unfilled" jobs up to 30 minutes after a job has started.  As a courtesy you can call the school to let them know that you will be there, or you can call the Sub Desk at 531-299-0309 and they will alert the school to your arrival.


What do I do if I miss a call from Frontline?

If you missed that phone call from Frontline, you can always call back, toll-free, at 1-800-942-3767 to hear a current list of available jobs to accept. You can also log-in online to view those same jobs. You’ll want to act quickly, though. Frontline may have already called the next substitute in line with that job offer.