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Information Management Services
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Our goal in IMS is to support the educational aims of the District by ensuring reliable and accessible technology for all staff and students. We are dedicated to leading change in order to be more effective educators through inspiration, innovation, and reflection. We see technology as an accelerator of learning in the classroom that provides opportunities for connecting, differentiating and personalizing the learning experience for every student.

Here is a collection that outlines our technology initiatives since the introduction of the Strategic Plan. This will be constantly updated as we progress. Enjoy.

Information Management Services (Dr. Cheryl Logan, Superintendent; Bryan Dunne, Director of IMS) Organization Chart


The vision of IMS is to provide staff, students, and guardians with secure access to OPS data and application from any device with any type of operating system, on any network internal or external to the OPS network, at any time of day or night in support of the Omaha Public School District vision and mission.


The mission of Information Management Services is to research, develop, implement solutions, and train constituents of the District in support of the technology to align with our vision and the mission of the District.


What you need ... When you need it ... Where you need it ...


Information Management Services (IMS) organizational units are responsible for many different areas including application support, infrastructure, customer support, training, and administrative support. This involves coordinating such key functions as updated-technology-related standards, developing/updating appropriate policies and procedures, managing the network, and interfacing with functional systems users. The purpose of IMS is to help in improving student learning and administrative efficiencies.

Project Management (Amy Vester, Lead Technology Project Manager) is responsible for IT Project Management.

IT Project Management includes the following:

  • Project Timelines
  • Project Definition / Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Project Management / Status Updates
  • Project Closing

Technical Support (Lana Aduloju, Coordinator) Organization Chart

Technical Support is responsible for the areas of:

 Application Support

  • Data Analytics & App Development
  • Financial & Human Resource Information Systems (FIS/HR)
  • Student Data Information Systems (SDIS)

Network Support

  • E-Rate Funding Management
  • Network Services
    • Data Center Operations
    • Microsoft Support (AD, O365)
    • Network Access & Security
    • Phone & VoIP Support
    • Wide Area Network (WAN) Infrastructure – Wired & Wireless
    • Web Infrastructure Support (Intranet & Internet Pages)

Production Support

  • Data Collection & Printing
  • Records Management

User Support (Connie Wickham, Coordinator) Organization Chart


User Support is responsible for the areas of:


There are several laws that dictate how schools and teachers handle student data.


Our tool can be accessed by staff via:

Below is the current Application Tool Dashboard with regularly refreshed data. 








Common Sense Privacy

Common Sense Privacy Initiative:

Common Sense Privacy Evaluation:

Common Sense Information Security Primer:

Common Sense Privacy: Evaluating Apps Step-by-Step Triage Process:


Data Quality Campaign

Data Quality Campaign Website:

Privacy Technical Assistance Center | U.S. Department of Ed



iKeep Safe


Privacy Video Resources

Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online Educational Resources: Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online Educational Services

Privacy Overview for K12 Teachers and Administrators: Privacy Overview for K12 Teachers and Administrators

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Our Student Data Protection Agreement for Vendors

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