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How do students get their iPads?  
iPads will be delivered to individual schools. Each school will develop a plan to hand out student iPads. Look for communication from your school about distribution plans and training opportunities. 

What comes with the iPad? 
Students will receive the USB cable, charging brick and the iPad with a case on it. Cases should not be removed to ensure the iPad remains covered by the included Apple Care warranty. 

Do students need internet at home?  
No, student iPads will come with internet through T-Mobile and will have an unlimited 4G LTE Data plan. You can connect your iPad to WiFi at home if you like. 

What happens if a student transfers schools or leaves the district?  
If a student transfer schools within OPS, they will take the iPad to their new school. If the student leaves the district, they will need to turn in the iPad to their school’s office.  

Privacy / Security

How is the content students view on the iPads protected or filtered?  
The district uses software called Securly to filter the iPad. 

How much control does the school have over the device?  
The district maintains ownership of the device and can install and delete apps remotely. 

How secure are student accounts?  
Students are advised to not share login credentials to keep their information secure. 

How can parents monitor use? 
We are working on a solution that allows parents to monitor use while protecting privacy. We will communicate more details when it is available. 

When can the cameras and microphone be activated?   
The cameras and microphone are not restricted on the device. 

Acceptable Use

Can a student bring their personal device to school in addition to their iPad? 
Schools do allow students to use their own device, but we recommend they use the iPad provided as it includes all necessary apps. 

Can students download apps?  
District-approved apps are available to download through the Manager app. Some classes may require additional apps that do not come pre-installed. Teachers will communicate if additional apps are necessary for their classes. 

Can students add personal content to their iPad such as music, photos or videos?   
Yes. Students can add music, photos and videos to their iPad, but they cannot log in with a personal Apple ID to access any items they may have downloaded on another Apple device.

Can students purchase and use their own accessories such as keyboards or Apple pencils?   
Students can purchase and use their own accessories as long as they do not remove the case that is included with the iPad as it will affect the Apple Care warranty coverage.  

Usage in School

Will students be able to charge their iPads in school?  
Schools will have limited areas for charging devices. Students should try to charge their devices at home, so this is not a concern at school.  

Will all textbooks be on the iPad?   
The Clever app can provide access to many online textbooks. Teachers can provide additional information about specific textbooks.  

What happens if a student leaves their iPad at home?  
Each school will develop and communicate a process for completing work if an iPad is left at home.  

Can the schools’ networks handle all of the iPads?  
We have upgraded the network across the district to handle additional devices and have established a process for managing iPad updates.  

Will students use the iPad in all of their classes?  
Each teacher will determine the appropriate use of the iPad with students depending upon the area of content they teach.  

Policies and Agreements

Damage and Insurance

What happens if the iPad is lost or stolen?  
The Parent/Guardian is responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to the device. The District has initiated a Voluntary Device Protection Program. Any Parent/Guardian declining to participate in the Voluntary Device Protection Program shall be responsible for the actual cost of replacement or repair of any lost, stolen or damaged device. Participation in the Program is Voluntary. More information is in the Parent Student Device Agreement Form

What happens if the iPad is damaged?   
Each iPad has an Apple Care warranty which will cover 2 accidental damage claims per year. There is additional coverage available to help offset the cost of additional repairs. More information is in the Parent Student Device Agreement Form

Can a parent fix an iPad themselves or use a local repair service?  
No. Please contact your school if your student’s iPad needs repair. Please do not take the iPad to Apple Store for assistance. 

Is there extra coverage available for the iPads?   
There is additional coverage available that can help offset the cost of lost or stolen iPads. More information is in the Parent Student Device Agreement Form

Parent Resources

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Basic Troubleshooting
If the iPad is not functioning correctly: Restart the iPad by pressing and holding both the Top (Power) button and the Home button until the Apple logo appears.
If you are still having issues, please contact the teacher or school.

Additional Support
Apple Support: 24/7 phone support is available at 1-800-800-2775, option 3
Apple Support Website
T-Mobile Hotline for Parents: 1-844-341-4834