Omaha Public Schools resource for 

Digital Literacy, Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety, Cyber bullying and Media Balance. 


The Omaha Public School District and The Sherwood Foundation have an extensive partnership with Common Sense Media that provides educational resources on Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety and Security, Research, Privacy, and Information Literacy to our students, parents, teachers, schools, and community.  Common Sense Media, a national not for profit company based in San Francisco, California, is dedicated to improving the lives of kids and their families by providing the trustworthy information, educational resources, and an independent voice needed to thrive in our digital world.   


Melissa Cleaver
Omaha Public Schools | Nebraska
Common Sense Education Outreach Coordinator

OPS Matrix



To ensure Omaha Public Schools’ compliance with federal CIPA and E-rate regulations and standardize delivery of Common Sense Media’s Digital Literacy & Citizenship resources district-wide.

Program Components

 Matrix.  An implementation guideline that identifies specific K-12 lessons and designated staff for instructional delivery. 

 Curriculum.  Common Sense Media's free Digital Literacy & Citizenship Curriculum is the required resource as it provides Omaha Public Schools all resources needed to educate students about the three CIPA required topics: 1) appropriate online behavior, 2) safety and privacy, and 3) cyberbullying.  The curriculum contains 65 developmentally appropriate lessons (5 per grade level) and are complete with supporting student handouts, videos, assessments, and parent tips.  Click the scope and sequence to view Common Sense Media's entire comprehensive curriculum. Each lesson is paced at 45 minutes and can be customized to fit the teacher, student, and school building needs.  The lessons below are linked to the Common Sense Media lesson web page for your easy access and viewing. 


Matrix PDF Downloadable link -   MATRIX - CSM final matrix for web.jpg