Lana Aduloju

Technical Support

Data Analytics

Data Analytics supports analytical reporting from the Omaha Public Schools data warehouse.

Team Services include:

  • Development of Analytical Data Models
  • Population of Data Models with Core System Data
  • Building Analytical Cubes to Transform Data into Information
  • Creating Reports and Providing Access to the Information

Financial Information and Human Resource Systems (FIS/HR)

Financial Information and Human Resource Systems (FIS/HR) provides development, education, technical support (troubleshooting), and production support related to the OPS Financial, HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Pension Applications. Users may contact FIS/HR for new, automated functionality needs or for assistance in problem resolution.

 The team supports approximately 7,500 OPS users on the two systems and is responsible for the integrity of over 433,000,000 rows of data replicated on 34 different databases on 20 physical and 8 virtual servers. The team maintains over 100,000 programs in six programming languages, 69,000 different tables, and 30,000 page types tied to over 1200 different menus.

Team Services include:

  • Application Support and Troubleshooting
  • Database and System Administration
  • Development
  • In-house Consulting
  • Vendor Software Updates and Upgrades


Modules Supported include:

Absence Management   Cash Management 


Candidate Gateway

Accounts Payable  eProcurement Pension Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM)
Accounts Receivable  General Ledger  Portal WorkFlow
Asset Management  Human Resources Purchasing eDevelopment
Billing  Inventory  Time and Labor ePerformance
Global Payroll   eProfile

Student Data Information Systems (SDIS)

The Student Data Information Systems (SDIS)team provides technical services and support for district-wide software applications that house student data. The Infinite Campus application is the primary focus but student data from this system is also extracted and provided to peripheral systems such as Edulog, The Library Corporation, Cafeteria Assisted Food Services, and Naviance.

There are over 50,000 active students in Infinite Campus and over 5,000 staff accounts. The team responds to multiple requests every day for many of these services.

Team Services include:

  • Collaboration with Business Owners for Technical Information and Advice
  • Data Extractions, Imports, and Updates
  • Development of Processes and Reports
  • Participation in Projects and Pilots
  • Security Modifications
  • System Administration and Maintenance
  • Systematic Student Placement using Roll Forward or School Choice Functionality
  • Technical Support including Data Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • User Training including User Manuals and Documentation

Web - Internet Information Services (IIS)

Web - Internet Information Services (IIS) develops and supports software applications to supplement the functionality in Omaha Public Schools’ core software applications. Additionally, Web - Internet Information Services (IIS) supports the District’s and Schools' public web sites

Team Services include:

  • Development of Custom Infinite Campus Reports
  • Development of Online Forms
  • Implementation of DotNetNuke Framework to Support Advanced Web Sites
  • Support of Supplemental Custom Applications

Network Systems Management and Security

Network Systems Management and Security (NSM&S) provides information technology leadership, builds and maintains the district-wide information infrastructure, and provides technical expertise and support.

Team Services include Support of the following:

  • Active Directory (Network Logins, for example)
  • Antivirus
  • Altiris (an IT Resource Management Suite)
  • Backups
  • Data Center (Power, Cooling, Security, Space)
  • Email, including Contacts and Conferences
  • Filtering of Email
  • Internet Access
  • Local Area Networks (LANs) [Intra-Building Data Networks]
  • Private Cloud
  • Security
  • Servers (Oracle, Infinite Campus, FirstClass, Quickreads, Library, Fitnessgram, and more)
  • Storage (Disk Space for OPS Data)
  • Web Filtering
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) [Inter-Building Data Networks]
  • Wireless Networks
  • and more!


Telecommunication provide wiring, telephone, and voice mail support for all buildings and departments in the District.

Team Services include:

  • Assisting with Problem Cellular Reception in Buildings
  • Installing Cisco Wireless Access Points in Buildings
  • Installing and Maintaining Building Internal Wiring to Support Data and Phones
  • Installing and Maintaining PBXs and Phones, including the Configuration of Moves, Adds, and Changes
  • Performing Building Troubleshooting of Network and Phone Issues
  • Performing Wireless Surveys of Buildings
  • Providing Phone Line Support for Other Services such as Faxes, Security Alarms, Fire Alarms, EMS systems, Elevators, and Intercom Systems
  • Providing Voicemail Systems as well as Configuring and Troubleshooting Voicemail Boxes
  • Working with Contractors on Major Data and Phone Wiring Project

Assessment & Quality Assurance

Assessment & Quality Assurance involves determining whether technology services meet customer expectations; and if deliverables are timely and meet specified requirements and provide the requested functionality without errors or problems. These findings should be monitored, measured and reviewed on a regular basis and a plan of corrective action established if necessary. The objective of quality assurance is to offer assistance defining and attaining goals in the areas of design, development, production, and service which will improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity.

Team Services include:

  • Collecting and Analyzing Data related to IMS Goals and Measureable Objectives
  • Creating Graphs and Charts to Display Progress Towards Planned Targets
  • Maintaining IMS Team Plans and Quartering Review Documentation
  • Performing and/or Assisting with Quality Control Inspections

Configuration & Records Management

Configuration & Records Management involves keeping detailed information that depicts the computer systems and networks of the District, including all necessary hardware and software components. Documentation, reported problems, and change requests for core applications should also be placed under configuration management for easy review and audit. The system administration of records management software and web content development / monitoring of the IMS web pages are also supported by this area.

Team Services include:

  • Design, Create and Maintain Content on the IMS Web Pages
  • Development of Records Management Processes and Reports
  • Security Modifications for Records Management
  • System Administration and Maintenance of Records Management Software
  • Technical Support including Data Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • User Training including User Manuals and Documentation

Data Collection & Printing

Data Collection & Printing staff supports the District by providing quality and timely production printing services focusing on core application needs requiring data sensitive information (including reports, forms, and mailing labels). Current production printer support includes a Xerox DocuPrint 100, BizHub 600, IBM 6400, and a HP Color LaserJet CP6015. Project management for scanning needs (such as tests and surveys), including design, development, data collection, and data reporting, is also provided. Duties of supporting Broadband/Air card services is handled in this area.

Team Services include:

  • Imaging and Tracking of Telecommunication Invoices Pertaining to E-Rate Funding
  • Production Printing Focused on Core Application Needs (Infinite Campus, PeopleSoft)
  • Scanning Support of Various Test and Surveys

Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation involves a comprehensive assessment system that monitors and documents job duty requirements and procedures. Job descriptions are written with each job duty aligned to a process complete with internal controls and expectations. Workplace process documentation is truly applied toward the practice of adjusting work methods to improve service quality.

Team Services include:

  • Interviewing, Recording, and Writing Documentation for each IMS Staff Member to be Used as a Job Description
  • Analyzing and Reviewing Job Descriptions to Create the Appropriate IMS Processes and Internal Controls
  • Maintaining Documentation whenever Staff Changes and as Duties Evolve
  • Participating in Projects to Ensure Job Duties are Documented and Proper Processes are Written