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What is the Campus Portal for Parents?

The Campus Portal for Parents, part of the OPS student information system, allows parents and guardians to monitor their children's academic progress on-line. Using the internet, parents will be able to log in and view district and school announcements, schedules, current and final grades, missing assignments, attendance, immunization records, account statements and class newsletters. Additionally, parents will be able to email teachers and print a variety of reports including IEPs, current progress reports, current report cards (secondary only) and unofficial transcripts.

Where does one find an application for a Campus Portal for Parent account?

You will find Applications for Campus Portal for Parent Accounts and Portal User agreements in the Main Office at your child’s school or you may download the documents from this page.  Parent Portal Documents

May we have one portal account for both parents?

Each parent who wants access to the Campus Portal for Parents must complete an application. Parents and guardians should complete only one application and include all of your students on that application form.

Once I have submitted the application to the school, how long will it take to get my Activation Key?

If your email, household, and relationship information in Infinite Campus are accurate, you should receive your Activation Key within 4-6 weeks.

What if my internet browser and email account are not working?

Contact your internet and email service provider.

When will student’s attendance records be available?

Attendance records are available on the parent Portal as soon as the teacher enters and saves attendance. If you have questions about your child’s attendance, contact the school’s Attendance Office.

When will a student's final grades and credits earned for a term be available on the Campus Portal for Parents?

Your child’s unofficial grades will be available in the teacher’s grade book. Final grades and credits earned are generally available two weeks after the end of a term. At that time they will be available on the student’s unofficial transcript.

Colleges are requiring an official high school transcript with applications. Will they accept a student’s transcript from the portal?

When an organization requests an official transcript, you must request a transcript from the child’s high school or from Student Information Services (557-2788).

Who can apply for access to the Campus Portal for Parents?

All parents and legal guardians of students currently enrolled in Omaha Public Schools.

Do you have a portal account? Yes, I already have an account and signed up in previous years. Do I sign up again?

 No. We encourage you to continue to use the Campus Portal. If you already have an account, you do not need to sign up again.
We have enclosed a Portal brochure that explains grading practices. This brochure will also show you how to download thePortal APP to your smart phone so you can monitor your student’s anywhere, anytime. See the back of the brochure for details.

Do you have a portal account? No, how can I sign up?

We invite you to sign-up for the Infinite Campus Portal. The Portal is a web-based communication program that allows parents and students secure internet access to real-time assignment grades, attendance and course information. In order to access the Portal, you will need to have a valid e-mail address and request a password from the school district. Once you have requested and been issued a password, you may log into the Portal website. A copy of the Portal Application is provided for you. Complete and return this application to your student’s school to register for the Portal. Although you do not have to have an email address to use the Portal, if you do include a valid e-mail address you will also receive important notices about your student regarding grades, attendance and general announcements.

I have more than one student attending OPS schools, do I need a separate account for each of student?

No. Once you have signed up for the Infinite Campus Portal, all students for whom you are marked as the parent will appear in your Portal account drop down list regardless of ages or schools.

What if I have more questions about the portal or need assistance?

Contact your student’s school to ask any questions about the Portal.

;Can my student sign up for their own Portal account?

Yes, each student should have their own Portal account as well so they can monitor their own grades and course information. Contact your student’s school to ensure that a Portal account is created. If your student already has a Portal account, there is no need to create another one.