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Last Modified on 04/06/2021

Pay a Fee

The Fees tool provides a list of all fees/fines assigned to you. Fees may include things like a fee for an activity card, a fine for a lost book or a fine for a damaged computer. Fees and fines that are still owed and fees that were paid appear in this list, followed by the ongoing balance for all fees.

Where do I go to view and pay fees?

The Fees tool is available in your Campus Parent account in the outline on the left.











How do I Pay a Fee?

  1. Select Fees.
  2. Select Add to Cart next to the Fee you want to pay.
  3. Select My Cart.
  4. Select the Payment Method you want to use and enter an Email Address for Receipt (optional).
  5. Select Submit Payment.

How do I find unpaid fees?

Select Unpaid in the Type dropdown list.

Be sure to select the School Year where you have unpaid fees. Campus selects the current year by default; however, if you need to find to find a fee from a prior year you must select the year in the School Year dropdown list.

How do I pay Optional Fees?

Optional fees are fees that are not assigned to you directly. This could be things like parking permits, activity cards, optional device protection plan, etc. Optional Fees are paid using the Optional Payments tool. While adding Fees to My Cart, you can click the Optional Payments button to get to the Optional Payments tool.

How do I find fees I already paid?

Select Paid in the Type dropdown list. Fees that are partially paid do not display when Paid is selected. Instead, select Unpaid and click the arrow next to the partially paid Fee to see the paid amount.


The Payment History tool is a good place to review all payments you have made including payments for Fees.




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