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The Omaha Public Schools strongly believes that daily attendance is critical to academic achievement as well as social and emotional well-being.  We expect every student to attend school and classes on time and every day.  OPS Research shows that there is a direct correlation between student attendance and academic achievement.  When comparing proficiency rates of two groups of tested third through eighth grade students, an additional 13% of students were proficient in English Language Arts and an additional 16% were proficient in Math when they were present for 97% or more (missing nine days or less throughout the school year).  

In accordance to the Nebraska State Statute 79-209, click here, the Omaha Public Schools District has in place an attendance policy that supports the encouragement of daily attendance while providing supports and resources to students and families.  Attendance supports within schools include School Support Liaisons (SSLs) and Attendance Designees (Elementary Assistant Principals)as well as School Counselors, School Social Workers and additional members of Attendance Teams.  If you need assistance with attendance issues, please contact your child's building administrator, School Support Liaison, School Counselor or School Social Worker.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to call their child's school (School Secretary and/or Attendance Secretary) as soon as they are aware their child will be absent.

See OPS Attendance Policy 5008: Click here


See OPS Pregnant and Parenting Students Policy 5403: Click here


Attending school on time and every day is a critical and necessary factor for student success. Showing up for school and being ready to learn has a huge impact on student academic success and their connectedness to school starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school.

STRIVE FOR 95 focuses on students missing no more than 9 days throughout the year. Students are expected to arrive on time and be engaged in learning throughout the academic day. 

Attendance matters. Students who maintain the STRIVE FOR 95 goal are more likely to be on or above grade level academically, be socially and emotionally connected to the school and staff and remain on track to high school graduation.

Ensuring students arrive on time and attend school throughout the day is everyone’s responsibility.

Student Responsibilities

  • Establish bed time and morning routines
  • Understand the importance of STRIVE FOR 95 and why attendance matters
  • Arrive on time
  • Attend school the entire day
  • Miss less than 9 days of school throughout the year

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Establish bed time and morning routines
  • Ensure your child(ren) arrive to school on time
  • Encourage and acknowledge the importance of STRIVE FOR 95
  • Schedule any medical or other appointments after school or on non-school days
  • Report any absences to the school attendance secretary

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Create a positive classroom culture of why attendance matters
  • Encourage and acknowledge the importance of STRIVE FOR 95
  • Set and progress monitor attendance goals with students
  • Collaborate with school staff to address attendance concerns
  • Celebrate students who are meeting attendance goals

Administrative and Support Staff Responsibilities

  • Create a positive school culture of why attendance matters
  • Encourage and acknowledge the importance of STRIVE FOR 95
  • Set and progress monitor attendance goals with staff, students and parent(s)/guardian(s)
  • Collaborate with school staff and families to address attendance concerns
  • Celebrate students who are meeting attendance goals



School attendance is required by law in the State of Nebraska for children of 6 through 17 years of age.  The Omaha Public School District is responsible for upholding state statutes and is proactive in addressing attendance barriers and truancy.  Regular attendance and participation in school are the foundation for engagement and, ultimately, successful graduation from high school.    

The responsibility for ensuring children's regular school attendance is a shared responsibility with everyone.   

Two-way communication between parents/guardians and schools is imperative.  Parents/Guardians are asked to report absences by reaching out to the school secretary or attendance secretary.  Schools will communicate with parents/guardians regarding absences and STRIVE FOR 95.  If patterns of non-attendance develop, schools will attempt to assist parents/guardians and students by aligning resources and intervention, as necessary.      



OPS staff work collaboratively with students, families, and community partners to address student and family barriers that may be impacting attendance.  Possible barriers they can address could include, but are not limited to:  Educational Counseling, Educational Evaluation, Economic Services, Family/Individual Counseling. 


Attendance Resources Within Schools: 

School Counselors 

School Support Liaisons 

School Social Workers 


Attendance Resources Within Our Community: 

Attendance Works  


Pathways 2 Success (P2S) 

Youth Attendance Navigator (YAN) 

Native Indigenous Centered Education (NICE)
   OPS NICE Program   

TeamMates Mentoring Program 

Mentor Nebraska  

D2 Center

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