Health Services

Welcome to Health Services !

Omaha Public School nurses are registered nurses and are professionally educated.  Our mission is to promote the physical and emotional status of students to maximize the educational process.

Optimal learning requires good health.  The school nurse is the best person to provide this service.  Please contact the school nurse whenever you have questions or concerns related to your child's health or safety.

The goal of Health Services is to promote the health of students through:

  • disease prevention, 
  • early case finding, 
  • referral for intervention and 
  • remediation of specific health problems. 

Health services are vitally necessary in order to provide:

  • first aid and triage for illness and injuries;
  • direct services for students with special needs; and 
  • promotion of health counseling and education for students, parents and staff. 

School health services are a significant component in a continuum of care from the family to the community care system. This continuum is necessary to maintain students’ health thereby promoting optimal participation in their educational process.