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What can the SBHC do for my child ?

A School-Based Health Center (SBHC) is available at your child's school or a nearby school during the school year.  The SBHC is staffed and operated by OneWorld Community Health Centers or Charles Drew Community Health Center and provides on-site medical services.  The SBHC is able to diagnose and treat many common conditions, such as:

  • Sore throats
  • Headaches
  • Ear infections
  • Burns, scrapes, sprains and minor wounds
  • Immunizations
  • Physicals, school and sports
  • Preventive care and screenings

The SBHC does not replace your child's regular health care provider, but rather they can supplement the services he/she provides.  Help will provide in finding a primary health care provider outside of the SBHC if your child(ren) does not currently have one.  The SBHC does NOT provide emergency services.

What are my payment options when using the SBHC?

If you have Medicaid, Kids Connection or private health insurance, the SBHC will provide services, collect required co-pays and send bills to your insurance carrier. If your child is not eligible for Medicaid or have private insurance, a sliding fee scale will be used to cover expenses.  If using the sliding fee scale, during your first visit please provide pay stubs for one month.  Additionally, if you currently do not have health insurance coverage, the SBHC staff will work with your family to help enroll your child(ren) into Kids Connection or Medicaid if eligible.  Absolutely no child will be turned away due to a family's inability to pay. 

How do I get my child(ren) enrolled into the SBHC?

In order for your child(ren) to be seen in the health center, a signed parent consent form and your child’s health history must ordinarily be on file in the SBHC. You can obtain parent consent and health history forms through your child's school, school nurse, or download forms from the  Once parent consent and health history forms are completed and signed, please return them to the school nurse's office, or bring them to the SBHC during your child's scheduled appointment.

If I choose to enroll my child in the SBHC, can they still visit the school nurse?

Yes. All children enrolled in the SBHC will still have access to services provided by the school nurse regardless of their status with the SBHC. 

How do I make an appointment for my child?

If you wish to use the SBHC, please contact the SBHC nearest to your home or child’s school to schedule an appointment. For your child(ren)'s first visit, you will be asked to provide:

  • Health history
  • SBHC Enrollment form if not already on file
  • Insurance / Medicaid card if eligible
  • Pay stubs for one month if using the sliding fee scale

Should your child get ill during the school day, your school nurse will contact you and coordinate care with the SBHC staff.

Who can use the SBHC?

The SBHCs are able to provide health services to:

  • ALL OPS students
  • Minor siblings of all OPS students 9birth through 18 years)
  • Early childhood populations from Head Start, Educare, and ECS Network of Excellence