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School Counseling Division
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(531) 299-0227
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Ms. Katie Hecht-Weber, School Counseling Supervisor
(531) 299-7700

Ms. Jenn Bernard Walker, School Counseling Administrator
(531) 299-5653

School Counseling

What is High School Registration? High School Registration is the opportunity for every 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grader to choose their high school courses for the 2021-2022 school year.

When is High School Registration? Current 9th-11th graders will register at the beginning of February. Current 8th graders will register at the end of February. See specific dates below.

The OPS Portrait of a Graduate and OPS Graduation Requirements are your guiding documents. Your School Counselors will help you make sure that you are taking classes that meet the OPS Graduation Requirements. Your School Counselors and classroom teachers will work with you in class to complete this process. They will use the resources below to support you.

Current 9th-11th Current 8th Event
Feb. 3-10 Feb. 18-24 Registration Activities during class (In-Person and Remote Students)
Feb. 11-12 Feb. 25-26 Parent-Teacher Conferences (discuss course choices with current teachers)
Feb. 16 Feb. 27 Final Deadline to enter courses on Campus Student app using your OPS iPad
Apr. 15 Apr. 15 Deadline to make course changes

High School Registration Videos
Full Lesson - English - Spanish COMING SOON!
Short Preview - 
Arabic - Burmese - English - Karen - Kiswahili - Spanish

Registration Flyers (includes instructions for using Campus Student App to pick classes)
UPDATE!! Click here for a supplement to the Registration Flyers below. It includes an update to Step A on Page 2 for students using an iPad to pick classes.
Arabic - Burmese - English - Karen - Kiswahili - Somali - Spanish

High School Registration Documents
Benson - Course Catalog
 - Course Catalog
Burke - 9th/10th Grade Course Catalog11th/12th Grade Course Catalog
Central - Course Catalog -
 9th Grade Pathways Doc
North - Course Catalog
Northwest - Course Catalog
South - Course Catalog - 9th Grade Pathways Doc - 9th Grade Dual Language Info

Department Recruiting Tools
JROTC Letter
Music Videos - Chorus - Band - Orchestra

High School Selection Videos

High School Orientation Video

Students attending Middle School for the 2021-2022 school year will be placed into their core classes using Placement Guidelines determined by Teaching and Learning Consultants from the division of Curriculum and Instruction Support. Students may also have some choices about their elective classes. Your middle school will help you understand what your choices are. Your current teachers and staff will make sure you get the correct information about your choices and help you turn it in.

Middle School Orientation Video

Currently in Middle School Going from Elementary to Middle School Event
April/May Mar. 29-Apr. 1 Registration Activities during class (In-Person and Remote Students)
Feb. 25-26 Mar. 4-5 Parent-Teacher Conferences (discuss next steps with current teachers)
May 2021 May 2021 Final Deadline to pick elective classes
Apr. 15 Apr. 15 Deadline to make course changes


Middle School Links:


Bryan MS - website
Buffett - website
Davis - website
Hale - website
King Science - website
Marrs - website
McMillan - website
Monroe - website
Morton - website
Norris - website


The OPS School Counseling framework is built on a strengths-based foundation. Strengths-based school counseling focuses on identifying strengths and promoting development. By assuming a more proactive role, students are served more effectively. School counseling services are delivered via curriculum, individual student planning, and responsive services with a focus on being data/results driven to ensure accountability. OPS school counselors are responsible for monitoring the progress of their assigned students.

 School counselors actively promote leadership, collaboration, student advocacy and systemic change through evidence-based and research informed practice. School counselors focus on improving school connectedness to assist students and families in overcoming barriers that are impacting student success. The purpose of our School Counseling program is to support all students’ preparation for college, career and life.



  • Direct Student Services

  • School Counseling Curriculum-Structured lessons designed to provide students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed for success at their developmental level.
  • Individual Student Planning-Systemic, individualized solution focused activities designed to assist students in establishing personal goals and future plans.
  • Responsive Services-Individual counseling/small groups designed to meet students’ and families’ immediate needs and concerns.

  • Indirect Student Services
  • Agency Referrals
  • Consultation
  • Collaboration


This School Counseling Framework is intended to provide greater support to the district’s Academic Action Plan through the use of a multi-tiered system of support and data monitoring (via the Academic Dashboard). Other supports not considered direct or indirect services to students would include:

  • Program Management
  • Professional Development
  • Data Analysis
    • Academics/College Access Milestones
    • Attendance
    • Behavior
  • Fair Share Responsibilities (non-counseling duties not to exceed requests made of other staff)

Every Student. Every Day. Prepared for Success.

School counselors prepare students to excel in college, career and life by instilling hope, increasing school connectedness and empowering students to achieve academic success.

1. Every student will be assigned a school counselor who will provide the personal support needed to set goals to achieve social competence and academic success.
2. Every student will be empowered to gain the attitude, knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong academic, career, and personal success.
3. Every student will be provided a system of support to address immediate needs and concerns impacting school success.



On April 6, 2021, OPS 11th graders will take the ACT at their schools. We are providing College, Career, and Life Readiness opportunities for students in grades 9, 10, and 12 to complete on their own while they are at home on those days. Click below for the activities for each grade level:

On April 20, 2021, OPS 10th graders will take the PreACT at their schools. We are providing College, Career, and Life Readiness opportunities for students in grades 9, 11, and 12 on those days. Click below for the activities for each grade level: