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The Omaha Public Schools strongly believes that daily attendance is critical to academic achievement.  We expect every student to attend school and classes on time every day.  OPS Research shows that there is a meaningful link between student attendance and achievement.  In accordance to the Nebraska State Statute 79-209, the Omaha Public School district has in place an attendance policy that supports the encouragement of daily attendance.  Parent/Guardians are encouraged to call their child’s school as soon as they are aware their child will be absent.

The District notifies parents/guardians when a student has missed the equivalent of five, ten, and fifteen days.  The District notifies the County Attorney when a student missed the equivalent of 20 days, and then the County Attorney decides whether to refer back to the school for more intervention, Nolle Pros, diversion, or file a petition in juvenile court.

If you need assistance with attendance issues, please contact your child’s building administrator, SSL, or school counselor.

See OPS Attendance Policy - English Version  here

See OPS Attendance Policy - Spanish Version here


School attendance is required by law in the state of Nebraska for children of 6 through 17 years of age.  The Omaha Public School district is responsible for upholding state statutes and is proactive in addressing attendance problems and truancy.  Regular attendance and participation in school are the foundation for engagement and, ultimately, successful graduation from high school.    

The responsibility for ensuring children's regular school attendance lies with parent(s)/guardian(s).  They are expected to communicate with the school when a child is unable to attend.   

The school will communicate with parents/guardians regarding absences.  If a pattern of non-attendance develops the school will attempt to assist parent(s) and the child through communication and intervention, if necessary.  If required, the intervention may involve teacher(s), school counselor, and building administrator.   If a school's attempts to improve a child's attendance are unsuccessful, a School Support Liaison (SSL) or school Designee will intervene.  The SSL/Designee will try to identify the cause(s) of the absences and address issues/concerns that may prevent attendance or cause the student to feel disengaged from school (truancy).  Depending on the nature of the concerns the SSL/Designee may refer students and families to community agencies/resources that are able to provide appropriate forms of assistance.  The SSL/Designee will also provide a warning that continued violation of mandatory attendance requirements may be reported to the county attorney.    

If the attempts to improve attendance by the SSL/Designee are unsuccessful, the SSL/Designee will submit a report of the violation of mandatory attendance statutes to the County Attorney, Juvenile Division.    


The purpose of GOALS is to improve school attendance and learning by offering assistance to youth and families in need.  This purpose will be accomplished by early assessment and prompt delivery of coordinated interventions that promote school attendance and eliminate at-risk behaviors.  Referrals may be made to the GOALS Center by parents, schools, NDHHS, law enforcement or state / community agencies.

The GOALS Center was created to assist student and Families in attending school and achieving academic success.  GOALS may be able to assist in the following areas;  talking to school staff, academic screening, transportation issues, developing attendance plans, phobias, family support, referrals to community agencies, tutoring, individual and family counseling, alcohol and drug dependency, family communication, and gang issues.

GOALS uses a multi-disciplinary, multi-agency team approach to identify, assess and deliver interventions and services to youth and families that promote school attendance.

Email the Goals Center and request a referral form.  A referral form will be emailed directly to you and can be completed online.  This process is established to immediately initiate action within GOALS.