School Safety

School Security is one of the main functions of security in the Omaha Public Schools. OPS continually works to ensure a safe learning/work environment for students, staff and parents. A successful security effort reflects a balanced collaboration between educators and security personnel. Security personnel are members of the educational support staff and are trained to work directly with students to identify, prevent and solve school safety issues.


To ensure every child, staff member and visitor can experience a safe scholastic environment within which to succeed academically, socially and emotionally.


Responding to an Active Shooter

This Homeland Security course covers Intruderology, how to respond in an active shooter case. The information can apply to wherever a person may be such as malls and restaurants as well as schools.  Parents/ Guardians are encouraged to take this online course as it is a crisis response resource.

For information on the Active Shooter Training Course Available for Parents click here.