Student Information Services - Request Information

Request for Student Records

Educational records of current and former students are available with a written request. The request must be signed by the student (age 18 and over) or the parent/legal guardian (under age 18) of the student.  Written requests may be faxed, mailed, or e-mailed (requests must be scanned and attached to e-mail because a signature is required).  All requests must be accompanied by a copy of the requester's valid (not expired) picture identification.

MAIL:   Student Information Services

            Omaha Public Schools

            3215 Cuming Street

            Omaha, NE  68131-2024

FAX:    531-299-0387


Once the request is received, please allow 3-5 business days for the requested records to be processed. If the student is currently attending an Omaha Public School, extra time will be required to obtain records from the school.  The requested records can be mailed, faxed, or the applicant can pick them up in room 3-139 of the OPS Teacher Administrative Center (TAC) at 3215 Cuming Street.  Please indicate on the request form which method is preferred.

Request for GED Transcript or Diploma

Although Omaha Public Schools no longer offers a GED program, GED transcripts and GED duplicate diplomas may be obtained by individuals who completed their testing through the Omaha Public Schools.  There is a $2.00 fee for a transcript and a $10.00 fee for a duplicate diploma.  Requests must be in writing and require 1-3 business days to process.  All requests must be accompanied by a copy of the requester's valid (not expired) picture identification.

NOTE:  GED transcripts are ONLY available for students who have completed their GED.

For information about current GED programs the following is a partial list of programs available:

  • Metropolitan Community College:    402-457-2312
  • Papillion-La Vista Adult Education:  402-898-0400 ext. 322
  • Plattsmouth Adult Education:         402-496-3174 ext. 231
  • Southeast Community College:       402-437-2719

Request for Duplicate Diploma

A duplicate diploma and affidavit of graduation are available to any graduate of the Omaha Public Schools.  Documents requested will be available after 2 p.m. the following day.  A request form is available on this website and must be accompanied by a copy of the requester's valid (not expired) picture identification.

COST:  $10.00

NOTE:  Transcripts can be obtained from the school of graduation.  Cost varies.

  •      Benson High School:         402-557-3000
  •      Bryan High School:           402-557-3100
  •      Burke High School:           402-557-3200
  •      Central High School:         402-557-3300
  •      North High School:           402-557-3400
  •      Northwest High School:     402-557-3500
  •      South High School:           402-557-3600

Request for Age/Name or Enrollment Verification

Sometimes verification of a current or former student's name, age, or enrollment status/history is needed.  Our office can provide a certified letter with this information.  A written request with the signature of the student (age 18 or over) or the parent/legal guardian of the student (under age 18) and a $10.00 fee are required.   Requests for Enrollment Verifications must be accompanied by a copy of the requester's valid (not expired) picture identification.

Once the request and fee are received, please allow at least 1 business day for Age/Name Verifications or at least 3-5 business days for enrollment history.  On the request form please indicate if you want the certified letter mailed or if you would prefer to pick up the information from room 3-139 at the central offices of Omaha Public Schools.

Work Permits

Work permits are provided by Omaha Public Schools for any 14 or 15 year old students living within OPS boundaries who have been offered employment.  Before applying for a work permit the student must be at least 14 years old and have a promise of a job.  The work permit is required to have the name of the employer and it will only be acceptable at that place of employment. 

Work permits may be obtained by the student at their OPS middle or high school during the school year.  They may also be obtained in Student Information Services (room 3-139) at the Teacher Administrative Center (TAC). 

The student must be present to obtain the work permit.  The state requires the signature of the student on work permits.  Additionally, when applying for the work permit, proof of age is needed.  For OPS students that proof is available in OPS student records.  If, however, the applicant is homeschooled or attends a private school, they must bring their original birth certificate with raised seal or a valid Nebraska ID. 

A copy of all work permits is sent to the Nebraska Department of Labor by Student Information Services.