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Welcome to Student Placement

The Student Placement Office is currently closed due to the COVID-19 Closure.   

While we cannot enroll students during this closure, we recommend downloading and completing the documents provided below in the Enrollment Tab.   Having the documents prepared will expedite your enrollment upon the District reopening.  Please follow District communications and contact us with your completed forms when we are back in session.

For more specific information regarding resources available, see the links below. 

At the elementary, middle and high school levels the current Student Assignment Plan (SAP) allows a student to attend their home attendance area (neighborhood) school based on the student's residential address.  In addition, students can apply to attend a non-neighborhood (transfer) school.  This request must be approved by the Student Placement Office.  Approval of application request is subject to:

• space availability at the requested school & *timing of the request
• student's academic achievement & enrollment history
• student conduct (behavior record) - Level 3 or 4 offenses or repeated misconduct involving Level 1 and 2 offenses

*The Omaha Public Schools strives to protect academic integrity of coursework once a semester has begun.  Research shows that students who change schools while a term is in session run the risk of substantial academic problems.  School transfer requests that are made without a change in residence occurring, including requests to the neighborhood school, can be denied or delayed to the start of a new semester.

If you have changed your residence and wish to immediately transfer schools based on this new address, we ask that you make this request within 2 weeks after your move.   Failure to make this request within the 2 week window may delay your school transfer until the start of a new semester.     

Printable forms can be accessed below:

19-20 School Transfer Request (STR).pdf

19-20 Peticion de Transferencia de Escuela (STR).pdf



In the State of Nebraska, parents may opt to educate their children at home, rather than through the local public school district.  The process is referred to as "Home School" or "Exempt (Home) School Process" and is administered through the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE). 

To access NDE's Exempt (Home) School Program, click HERE.

Please address questions to the contacts below:

Beth Bolte at or (402)471-2795

Micki Iverson at or (402)471-1894

**Please note, students will remain enrolled in OPS and are subject to the state mandatory attendance law until the assigned OPS school confirms that families have applied for the Exempt (Home) School Program and has been accepted.

 Are you returning from Home Exempt Status?   Placement will most likely be made at your neighborhood school or the last OPS school you attended (if you had a previous enrollment).   Contact the Placement Office if you are looking to return to OPS. 


General Information and Eligibility Guidelines

In order to be eligible for the Pre-Kindergarten Program children must:

• Be four years old on or before July 31 of the year they wish to attend

• Have a completed application with all required paperwork submitted and on file.

• Qualify based on an assessment score and other eligibility criteria.

• Reside within the boundaries of the Omaha Public Schools.


In order to be eligible for the Head Start Program, children must:

• Be three or four years old on or before July 31 of the year they wish to attend

• Meet federal income guidelines.

• Reside in Douglas County.


In order to be eligible for the Early Head Start Program at Educare of Omaha children must:

• Be birth to three years old.

• Meet federal income guidelines.

• Reside in Douglas County.

*Early Head Start will take applications at Kellom and Indian Hills Educare sites.

Enrollment Information


In order to enroll in one of the early childhood education programs listed above, you and your child can attend an Early Childhood Education Application Day, to complete the application process, have your child screened and provide:

• A certified birth certificate for your child.

• Immunization records for your child.

• Proof of address (Billing statements from MUD, OPPD, Cox, or Century Link, or a rental or purchase agreement for the residence).

• Income Verification Proof of Family income for the previous 12 months such as TANF/ADC,SSI,Child Support,1040,W-2’S,8453,Self Declaration ,12 months of check stubs, Employment letter, etc.

Early Childhood Education Application Days are held at various elementary schools throughout the district between February and March each year.

 Early Childhood Office (click here)

Jorja Brazda-Witters
Early Childhood Coordinator
(531) 299-9678
Office: (531) 299-0303


Students are age-eligible to attend kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they have attained the age of five (5) on or before July 31 of that year. Kindergarten Round-Ups are held at home attendance area schools every January to enroll students for each following school year. 

Enrollments are also accepted after Round-Ups at the neighborhood school or at the Student Placement office at the Teacher Administrative Center (TAC) 3215 Cuming St. Contact your home attendance area school or the Student Placement Office for more details.  Forms are available at round-up events if students wish to attend an option school within the OPS student assignment plan. To determine their home attendance area, parents or guardians can contact the OPS Student Placement Office or click here.

Kindergarten Enrollment Packet can be completed and brought to the enrollment site (see link below).

Kindergarten Enrollment Packet

In addition to the Kindergarten Enrollment Packet, parents/ guardians must bring the following to the Round-Ups or to enroll:

  • The child's immunization record
  • The child's birth certificate
  • Address verification/proof of residence (Acceptable documents include a utility, phone or cable bill, or a lease or home purchase agreement.)


Nebraska Option Enrollment is for any student who lives in any Nebraska county. Option Enrollment applications for the 2019-2020 school year can be submitted from September 1- March 15.   (We are no longer accepting new applications for Semester 1 of 2018-2019.  Transfers are not allowed once a semester begins.)   Students accepted via this process are not eligible for transportation.   You may access this application by visiting Student Placement or by clicking HERE.

NEOP Application and Instructions - OLR.pdf

Board of Education Policy (6.02 governing non-resident students) sets the number of International Exchange students at a maximum of 24.  These students must be affiliated with exchange programs "officially recognized by the BOE" (J-1 Visas only).

Students may be placed for the academic school year (Fall & Spring) or for one academic semester (Fall or Spring).

• Exchange students cannot earn a diploma.

• No student will be enrolled until all standards for admission have been cleared through the Student Placement Office.  Information such as the student's name, nationality, age, sponsor's name and address, etc. shall be supplied at that time.

• Admission of exchange students new to the United States will be made only at the beginning of a semester.  All arrangements for admission in the fall semester must be concluded by August 1, prior to the beginning of the school term.  All placement arrangements for admission to the second semester must be completed by December 1.  No placements will be made during the course of a semester.  You may submit an application as early as March 15 for enrollment during the following school year.

• Host families must reside within OPS boundaries.

• OPS reserves the right to place exchange students at a school of our choice.

• Exchange students must agree to abide by the policies and regulations of the School District of Omaha and the high school they are attending.

• At the time of admission to Omaha Public Schools, the exchange student must be at least 15 years old, but not older than 18 years 6 months (as of the beginning of the program), and must not have completed more than 11 years of primary and secondary education (exclusive of kindergarten).

• If possible, organizations should avoid the placement of more than one child of a particular nationality in the same high school.

• Exchange students are encouraged to assist in some manner the curriculum of the Omaha Public School they are attending: i.e., assist with language classes, history classes, etc.

• OPS will only work with programs/agencies who are approved by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET).

Should you have further questions, please contact Student Placement Office.


Transportation Eligibility Changes: 2017-2018

Recently, the Board of Education adopted a new Student Assignment Plan for elementary and middle schools (grades K-8) called the Partner Plan.  This plan impacts transportation eligibility for elementary and middle schools students ONLY.

Families may continue to attend and apply to any elementary or middle school under the Partner Plan; however transportation eligibility will changeThe Partner Plan will be implemented for the 2017-18 school year, and it will change transportation eligibility for students not attending neighborhood school starting that school year. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the new plan now as you consider school choice and transportation in the near future at

OPS Transportation is provided to students attending their Home Attendance Area School if:

  • Elementary Schools: They reside more than 1.0 miles from the school.
  • Middle Schools: They reside more than 1.5 miles from the school
  • High Schools:

• High school students who live in the home attendance areas of Benson, Burke, Bryan, or Central, will not receive transportation to that school. 
• High school students who live in the home attendance areas of North, Northwest or South and live more than 3.0 miles from the home attendance school are eligible for transportation.
• High school students who reside in the Burke/Northwest shared home attendance area are eligible for transportation to Northwest.

OPS Transportation is provided to a transfer school (a school other than the home attendance area school) if:

  • the student resides more than 1.0 miles from the transfer school AND qualifies for the free/reduced lunch program AND the application to attend the school is approved during School Selection;
  • the student resides more than 1.0 mile from the school AND the student's placement increases the socio-economic diversity of the school (based on the student's lunch status) AND the request to attend the school is approved before July 1.
  • After June 15, if a transfer request is approved or a change of address is received, the student is eligible for transportation if the student's placement adds to the socio-economic diversity of the school AND there is an existing route for a bus to the transfer school with an existing stop located within a safe walk distance AND there is room on the bus.

Parents must report the student's lunch status in order for transportation eligibility to be determined.


Click here to visit the OPS Transportation Department's webpage.
Families who are new to the Omaha Public Schools and families who moved out of the district for 30 or more days must provide the following at the registration site:

1. Enrollment Forms: For forms: Click on the appropriate link(s) below, print the forms, and complete them.

2. Address Verification: Acceptable documents, for address verification, must show the name and correct address of the parent/guardian. Sources include: OPPD, MUD, Century Link or Cox Cable statements, a purchase or rental agreement for the residence, a Medicare/Medicaid card or, if the student is in foster care, a Superintendent's Letter.  Please bring the most recent document you can.   Anything older than two months may not be accepted. In the absence of these listed documents, a driver's license will be accepted if it was issued within 90 days of the enrollment date.  

3. Immunization Record

4. Birth Certificate: Present the original birth certificate at the registration site.

5. Physical and Eye Examinations: See school nurse for more information.

6. Special Education Documents: If the student is newly entering the Omaha Public Schools and has been receiving special education services in the previous school, present the Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) report and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) at registration to allow for appropriate placement in the program/services required to meet the child's educational needs. If these documents are not readily available, inform the school of the previous services and provide the name and address of the previous school and district.

Enrollment sites include, the Home Attendance Area School or Student Placement at the Teacher Administrative Center (TAC), 3215 Cuming Street. 

When expelled, students are assigned to the Omaha Public Schools Expelled Student Program at Parrish Alternative School.

This is the only option provided during the duration of their expulsion.   Once the expulsion period is over, it is the responsibility of the Student Placement Office to assign students a new school placement.    This new placement may be to a traditional school setting -or- it may be to an alternative setting.    The reason for the expulsion and the behavior history of the student will determine the placement setting.  Students expelled twice during their secondary career will be placed into Blackburn Alternative School upon the completion of their second enrollment at Parrish.   

The purpose of a reassignment to an alternative program is to provide additional structure to teach appropriate behavior.  These interventions focus on maintaining the safety of the school community and correcting self-destructive and dangerous behavior.

(Board Policy 5003: It shall be the responsibility of the administration to determine academic placement decisions involving students, including situations where students transfer into Omaha Public Schools from other educational settings.  The District reserves the right to make the most appropriate grade level placement, class placement, and teacher assignment for students which best fulfills the needs of the students and the school district.)