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A student's residence (street address) determines the schools that he or she will attend, unless the student has applied and been approved to attend another school. Students are guaranteed their Home Attendance Area School. Every residential address has a Neighborhood Elementary School, Middle School and High School. Pre-Kindergarten placement is based on program space and eligibility and not home attendance school. Contact Student Placement at 531-299-0302 for more information on the OPS Pre-Kindergarten program.
Use the links below and your address to determine the school your student is zoned to attend. This web map application is intended to provide general information as to the Home Attendance Area School for addresses within the school district. The completeness or accuracy of the mapping is not guaranteed nor should the user assume the results as a guarantee of student placement at any school. School placement confirmation can only be officially confirmed through the Student Placement office at 531-299-0302.

Neighborhood School Locator:



Transportation is provided to students attending their Home Attendance Area School if:
¨        Elementary Schools: You reside more than 1.5 miles from the school.
¨        Middle Schools: You reside more than 2.0 miles from the school.
  ¨        High Schools:
• High school students who live in the home attendance areas of either Benson, Burke, Bryan, or Central, will not receive transportation to that school.
• High school students who live in the home attendance areas of either North, Northwest or South who live more than 3.0 miles from the home attendance are school are eligible for transportation.
• High school students who reside in the Burke/Northwest shared home attendance area are eligible for transportation to Northwest.

Contact the Student Placement Office at 402-557-2710 to determine your transportation eligibility.